John Dalagelis, Fog & Kindimmer - Ruff Elements EP [Dieb Audio]
Stelios Vassiloudis & John Dalagelis - Sunrise On The Avenue [Bedrock Records]

John Dalagelis - Asio (incl. Ananda Project, Nacho Marco, Harada remixes) [Dieb Audio]
John Dalagelis & Stel - Rectum (incl. Chris Fortier, Jamie Stevens, Hatzler remixes) [Dieb Audio]
Nick & John Dalagelis - Fabrique (incl. uGeNiCs remix) [Omnis]
Nick & John Dalagelis - Feature Music (incl. Alex Kenji, Alex Grani remixes) [Presslab]
Nick & John Dalagelis - Utapau [Swift / Klik]
Nick & John Dalagelis - R2 Units Gone Wild (incl. G-Pal remixes) [Audio Therapy]
Dimitri Frost & BP Zulauf Vs Nick & John Dalagelis - Obsolete [Hiddenform]
Nick & John Dalagelis - Quiet (Steve is Listening / Stelios is Watching) [Audio Therapy]
Nick & John Dalagelis - Bend Up (incl. Stel & Goodnewz, Descent, Steve Firaridis remixes) [Mo-Do]
Nick & John Dalagelis - Fat Oscar / God Is Great [Downshift]



Stelios Vassiloudis - Repetition (John Dalagelis Remix) [Bedrock Records]
Damien Raud - Starture (John Dalagelis Remix) [Quantized Music]

Russ Gabriel - Aoyama (John Dalagelis Remix) [Dieb Audio]
Roland Klinkenberg - Now What (John Dalagelis Remix) [Dieb Audio]
Echonomist - Room With A View (John Dalagelis Remix) [Dieb Audio]
Solee - Oasis (John Dalagelis One Of These Days Remix) [Dieb Audio]
Rey Aguilar - Soul 2 Soul (John Dalagelis Remix) [Fade Records]
AlterImage - Time Change (John Dalagelis remix) [AlterImage Recordings]
Franksen & Tom Wax - Gotta Feel It (John Dalagelis remix) [Dieb Audio]
Stel - Last Night On Earth (John Dalagelis remixes) [Moodmusic Records]
Erich Bogatzky - Murex (John Dalagelis remix) [Dieb Audio]
Royal Sapien - San Fransisco Love (Nick & John Dalagelis remix) [Olaris]
Tannen - I Like Porno (Nick & John Dalagelis remix) [Baroque Limited]
Micali, Ajami & Wasley - I Don’t Know (Nick & John Dalagelis remix) [Swift / Klik]
Blue Haze - In To Nothing (Nick & John Dalagelis Vs Stel remix) [Saw]
Micah feat J.Veda - Come From (Nick & John Dalagelis remixes) [Fade]
Stel and Goodnewz - Particle (Nick & John Dalagelis remix) [Audio Therapy]
Stel and Goodnewz - Fineline (Nick & John Dalagelis remix) [Baroque]



DJ Yellow - Paris Session [Plastic City]
Carl Cox - Black Rock Desert [Global Underground]

Progressive Sugar by Don Vitalo [Bloodsugar Records]
Anthony Pappa - Moments Vol 1 [High Note]
Dave Seaman, Therapy Sessions 4 [Audio Therapy]
Fade Records Audio Tour Vol.2 (by Royal Sapien and 40 OZ) [Fade Records]
G Pal > Best [Swift / Klik Records]
Audio Therapy (Autumn / Winter Sampler 2006) [Audio Therapy]
G Pal / 2 [Swift / Klik Records]
Audio Therapy (Spring / Summer Sampler 2006) [Audio Therapy]
Dave Seaman (This is Audio Therapy) [Audio Therapy]
Across Borders (Greece) [Audio Therapy]
Local Underground 2 [Planetworks]
Hernan Cattaneo, Renaissance Masters Vol. 2 [Renaissance]
G Pal /1 [Swift / Klik Records]
La Rocca (Marko on Sundays 2004) [541 Recordings]



Dieb Audio (mastering)
Bedrock Records (mastering)
Stelios Vassiloudis "It Is What It Is" [Bedrock Records] (engineering, producing, mixing, mastering)
Dave Seaman "The Master Series 14" [Renaissance Records] (producing, programming, mixing, editing)
Stel "This is Audio Therapy" [Audio Therapy] (producing, programming, mixing, editing)
Chris Fortier "Balance 007" [EQ Recordings] (producing, programming, mixing, editing)
40 OZ - Downlow'd EP [Fade records] (producing, mastering)
Chris Fortier - I Believe [Fade records] (producing, mastering)
The Killers - All these things that I have done (Chris Fortier mix) [Island/DefJam] (producing, mastering)
Add 2 Basket - Come back to Love (Chris Fortier mix) [Add 2 Basket] (producing, mastering)
Freaky Chakra - West (Chris Fortier mix) [Electric Music People] (producing, mastering)
Tonepushers - Daydreamer (Chris Fortier mix) [Fade records] (producing, mastering)


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