John Dalagelis is a multifaceted artist, music producer, DJ, sound engineer and entrepreneur with a long and admirable history within the electronic music scene. Whether traveling the globe as a respected and in demand DJ or meticulously tweaking and polishing productions at his Dalasounds studio, Johnís work ethic, attention to detail and consistency have earned him a well deserved reputation for quality.

Born in the U.S.A. and raised in Greece, John originally burst into the spotlight during the early '90s. His unparalleled enthusiasm and love for music as a youngster while DJing at underground parties, hosting his own radio shows, scratching and standing out at the national DMC championship and supporting Orbital on their first tour of Greece, would set the firmest of foundations for his future development and endeavors.

In a whirlwind production career, either solo or along with his brother Nick, as well as under various aliases and collaborations, John has produced for a diverse number of respected labels since the beginning of the '00s. Through the years, his sound has shifted, progressed and developed into a mature and sophisticated brand of electronic music, spanning from techno infused house, break beat, dub, electronica, experimental and all points in between.

On the DJ front, John has been eager to take the opportunities his profile affords him and spread his sounds to venues the world over. Apart from being active in Berlin where he is based as well as in his native Greece and the U.S.A., John has traveled around the globe to locations as diverse as Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Romania and Lebanon to name a few. His exemplary technique, careful track selection and unique aesthetic have been honed and informed by his true passion and total immersion in electronic music. John effortlessly transmits this energy and quality wherever he performs at, whether it be a large scale open air festival or an intimate, underground club.

As a formally educated, degree certified in Sound Engineering and in Recording Arts, John is also extremely active in his studio. His list of clients and past projects as a producer, mixing and/or mastering engineer is nothing short of impressive, having worked on numerous singles/EPs, artist albums and mixed compilations during the past 15 years. His coveted production, mixing and mastering skills have made him the go to choice for several key artists and record labels in electronic music, who all sing his praises and intuitively trust his keen ears and seasoned production values.

John is the personification of the modern artist and can only be described as hard working, humble, skillful, involved and passionate. While hitting the international circuit with gigs around the globe, he continues to hone his craft meticulously, develop as an artist and manage to maintain his relevance in a continuously evolving scene.

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